Who We Are

About Us

We are the leading retailer and distributor of quality yoga mats, props, accessories and clothing in Indonesia. We strive to provide quality products that promote wellness to people of all ages. We genuinely want to encourage our customers enhance their lives by helping them choose the right products for their yoga needs, while constantly delivering excellent customer service.

We carry brands that represent good core values, stand behind their products, and believe in giving back to the community.

Our Story

Soulcielite is a one-stop shop for all yoga and wellness-related products, offering quality brands to all yogis and health conscious individuals. Headquarted in Jakarta, Indonesia, Soulcielite was launched in November 2017, inspired by a love for yoga and individual style, influenced by a passion for wellness and sustainable yet fashionable designs.

I’m Henny, a long-time yoga student and certified yoga instructor! I am a people’s person and passionate about inspiring, encouraging and having a positive influence in people's lives.

Our Mission

Soulcielite is committed to providing quality products to promote wellness and help people to live a healthy, balanced and fulfilling life.

Our Motto

Do what makes your soul happy. 

First and foremost, we believe that the most important person for you is yourself. When you take care of yourself first, you will experience more joy, love, positive energy, and patience, as well as to give to others.

What is a Soulcielite?

Soulcielite is a spin-off of the word “socialite”, however its meaning is fairly different from the original word: it is about being self-aware, mindful, living a balanced and healthy life. You are known for your being kind, inspiring and caring towards your communities.

Characteristics of a Soulcielite:

  • They are self-aware and mindful.
  • They look after themselves and do things that make them joyful.
  • They live a healthy and balanced life.
  • They are socially recognized and believe in giving back to others through philanthropy work.

    Do you have characteristics of a Soulcielite?